Monthly Archives: November 2010

This is Mr. Egg. Mr. Egg was purchased, along with 11 other Mr. Eggs, for about $2. I have eaten the other 11 Mr. Eggs, and I would have eaten the last Mr. Egg this morning, but I decided not to.

As you can see, there is a little hole at the top of Mr. Egg. The Mr. Eggs that I purchase usually do not have holes at the top. In fact, the reason I purchase these Mr. Eggs is because I want them to not have holes at the top. Holes at the top of a Mr. Egg mean that Mr. Egg is still alive.

Yes, Mr. Egg was still alive sometime between November 20th November 29th. Mr. Egg must have tried to escape the frigid temperature of my refrigerator. But, to Mr. Egg’s dismay, my fridge is much too frigid for any escape. Mr. Egg fell victim to the harsh temperatures because he poked a hole in the top of the egg with his beak. Mr. Egg should have waited in the warmth of the egg. Maybe, then, Mr. Egg could have escaped as I cracked open Mr. Egg to pour him into the scalding warmth of my skillet.

I will not dispose of Mr. Egg. I might keep him as a souvenir. Or as a reminder to other Mr. Eggs that they should be dead when I buy them.

Thankfully, we can take comfort in knowing that Mr. Egg died in the company of his dead brothers.

This semester, from noon to 1pm, between my German lecture and my theology lecture, I usually spend my time in the Varsity theater. I spend my Monday and Wednesday evenings at the Varsity theater too because of orchestra rehearsal, but I spend my mornings at the Varsity theatre either because I mess around with the pianos and my cello, or I take to the empty stage and practice some dancing. I have to be careful, though, because sometimes the custodians come to clean the main auditorium, and I don’t want them to see me dancing on stage because that would be HUMILIATION. “Look at the fool that is dancing like nobody is watching.”

This video is a very short practice session. The main goal was to practice my moonwalk. Whenever I buy a pair of shoes, I always consider whether I’ll be able to moonwalk in them because every other glide besides the moonwalk is rather easy in any shoe. I thought that after owning my Vans for about a year, the soles would wear down and have a lower coefficient of friction, but that was not the case. Therefore, in this video, I have attempted to moonwalk differently from how I have in years prior: I have completely shifted my weight onto my planting foot which literally allows my sliding foot to glide. In fact, I sort of hover my sliding foot a bit off of the ground. I must confess that it feels very weird, and I don’t like any of my glides in this video. However, I’m certain that if I continue to practice this new approach to the moonwalk, I’ll be able to patch up the sore spots, and, thusly, be able to moonwalk in any shoe.

Whatever else you see in the video is random. I learned how to 6 step this summer, but the “6 step” in the video isn’t even a 6 step. It’s more like a fail step. Then I move into the 3 step which I learned earlier in the semester. It’s not pretty, but I have the core idea down. My ultimate college dream is to become a bboy before graduation.

This video also demonstrates my intense affection for everything Michael Jackson. I spent my entire middle school career holed up in my bedroom after school watching videos of Michael dancing, and then equal amounts of time mimicking his stage presence.

I’m not satisfied with this blog. I pay $60 a year so I can have a hipster domain name and so I can have a rotating banner at the top of every page. I can probably get all this for less than $60 a year, but I still choose to spend $60 a year.

Something I’ve learned about myself this semester is that I am a very inconsistent person. I’ve always been inconsistent. I may shine in my times of consistency, but those shinings are short-lived. At this blog, though I have so many posts in draft, I am very inconsistent in publishing.

Therefore, in addition to being more consistent in blogging at this blog, I intend to reconsider and reshape the content of this blog. I like to blog at my Tumblr because it’s cute, short, and, generally, more artistic than my drawn out contemplative appeals here. Therefore, I will look to make this blog cuter, shorter, and, generally, more artistic than it is now.

I think I might achieve this by sharing some of my artistic endeavors, and by blogging less dense thoughts. This would include collections of images, commentary on some videos I’ve made, further insight into my interests, and maybe some vlogs. I intend to add some sort of theme and some sorts of strong content by 2010’s end.

As a symbol of my new intentions, and to serve as a reminder of my inconsistent tendencies, please accept and revel in this image of me. It is dated circa 2008-2009. I had just awoken from a nap, and I was captured at the fantastic and bossy form that my hair took.

I import this blog to Facebook. If I become more consistent in blogging, I will spam Facebook with my notes. Oh well. C’est la vie.