Monthly Archives: April 2010

I am not much of an outdoors man. I very much prefer the confines of urban life: The asphalt paths majestically paving through towers of glass and metal, the littered walls of apartments that convey and capture the attitude and personality of its inhabitants, the idea of feng shui operating almost as if to connect the aesthetic beauty of the outdoors (of which I will never deny) to the secluded barriers of living spaces. I scoff when people place nature on a pedestal levels higher than the indoors. I will secede certain victories to nature, but I will never fully succumb to it. Sometimes I just really love being inside.

For as much as I have shared on how impartial I am to nature, let me suggest something beautiful: That nature isn’t as beautiful as it can be. In the Christian tradition, suppose that the Fall of Man has scarred life ever since. This means that nature is scarred. This means that the nature that we believe to be beautiful is scarred. This means that nature, before her scarring, was perfectly beautiful.

So, if you are unlike me and are passionate for nature, do you cherish the thought that nature can be more beautiful than it is? One day, it will be, and yet, even in that day, we’ll be attracted to something much more beautiful.

Image from sigourney destyni through Tumblr