New ears

I didn’t originally plan on writing an entry for the New Years holiday, if you are so inclined to call the new year a holiday. I’m just writing what I journaled today verbatim.

I find the celebration of the new year a little barbaric, and I mean barbaric in that it seems that we look for excuses to celebrate. I must sound like a Danny-downer. It’s not that I hate parties and celebration. Rather, I just feel that we make too much of celebrating. I suppose New Years warrants a celebration.

Let me take this back. It’s not as barbaric as I thought it was. It’s good to celebrate, but let’s not boast or make a big deal of it. That’s what I wanted to say. Celebrate for the fellowship. That’s all we really want.

It’s interesting to note that we use the new year as reason to celebrate. If you were to live on an island in a community that had no access to the outside, do you think you would celebrate New Years? I’m not sure. Is it our nature to celebrate a new cycle?

I find that I am increasingly beginning to view life as a progression. Not only life but time as well. How we mark time is just that — how we mark time, how we mark our progression. If you consider your life a book, then it would be awful if you didn’t have chapters or paragraphs to navigate.

2009. Two thousand and nine. This is my year. Oomph.

I guess I’ll reflect a little. I graduated this year, and I started college. I fell in love with Taylor Swift. Yup, that’s it.

Just two disparate notes: I apologise for the obnoxious title of this entry. Second, I added a new page called “Inspiration”. It’s pretty inspiring, if I don’t say so myself. Check it out.

I haven’t ended a post this way in a long time: Much love to you all.

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