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I like to visit The Big Picture. It’s a news photo-blog. The pictures are always phenomenal, and they’re a great way of keeping current. It’s an ode to the axiom that sometimes an image says more than text.

There’s a world outside of Milwaukee, the United States, and North America. The photos at The Big Picture are really magical if you think about it. How many of us will ever be able to visit Afghanistan or India? And yet, huge things are happening over there. When you’re brushing your teeth (I hope you brush) something is happening in Berlin, Cairo, and Sydney.

Maybe the right word is enlightening. When you think that something is happening to someone else as you exist/live ((Interesting to decide which word to use.)), it just feels lighter. It’s like you don’t focus so much on yourself anymore, and you’re sharing the burden of self-focus with someone else who is coincidentally brushing his or her teeth.

Note: The latest two entries on TBP, as of the date of this draft, share photos from the crisis in Haiti. The images at TBP keep me honest since I find it easy to take the news on the television lightly. It’s certainly unfortunate what happened in Haiti. Though in no way am I attempting to diminish the disaster, I think that Haiti is a morbid, albeit more extreme, reminder of the horrors elsewhere in the world — a culmination, if you will, of the calamities that remain helpless and unwitnessed to.

My thanks and respect to everyone aiding in this relief effort, and my thoughts and prayers to those in Haiti.