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This post has nothing to do with Indiana Jones and everything to do with supporting indie projects pursued by my friends. In the spirit of unfounded associations, the above photo is of me my freshman year in college.


1) I met Quoc Quan Le through a mutual friend and discovered that we shared similar interests–namely our invincible romance for Taylor Swift and all things Taylor Swift. “Coco” is also a Vietnamese American student studying film at UWMilwaukee and is about to start his senior project. When I did my senior project (a 12+ page paper–of course my paper was just barely 12 pages), I didn’t ask for money because I didn’t need it… o at least I couldn’t justify someone giving me money so I could feed my finals week habits which would ideally include lots of “Chinese” takeout and many cubic centimeters of juice. Quoc Quan and I were supposed to film a short miniseries about two roommates (i.e. us) and their love for Taylor Swift. We never came around to filming it, though we did meet once or twice to brainstorm some ideas. Maybe we’ll be able to get to that someday–preferably before Taylor has to tell Coco that she’s marrying me and not him. Coco, she belongs with meeeeeee, can’t you seeeeeeee?

If you’re interested in learning more about Coco’s project and his bell and white motif he plans to use, check out his IndieGoGo page and consider helping out!


2) Joseph Taylor was my RA my sophomore year at Marquette University. The first weekend during school (or something like that), Jay invited me to go to a campus-sponsored (this way you know I didn’t drink nor did Jay) event. I politely declined, claiming I would probably go meet other friends AKA my roommate. He did give me his number though, so I guess I got that without asking. Jay, my roommate, and I also shared a mutual connection through Taylor Swift. One day, after dinner with those two guys, we went into the basement of our dorm hall and recorded a cover of Love Story. I played melody on my cello. I don’t know how to differentiate the two guitars between my roommate and Jay, save for the fact that Jay played the intro to Love Story and my roommate learned the chords on the spot (like any good hobby guitarist). We never recorded anything after that, but Jay did say he imagined me playing something else for him.

To my knowledge, Jay has recently been experimenting with music making. The tracks on his Soundcloud (lost the link) were actually quite pleasing; I would listen to them as I studied. I’m not sure if he meant for this to be study music, but Jay is one of the most eclectic individuals I’ve known and he got me into skinny jeans (he wears slim fits). If you want to check out Jay’s music and support his just-released album for $2.00 (or more), check out his…. spitbubble?