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When I read on Twitter that Obama would soon address the entire United States, my heart raced.

Here was coming an announcement that demanded America’s attention. Here was coming an announcement that would interrupt our Sunday nights.

I watched President Obama’s speech. I listened to it. Me and many other Americans listened to these carefully crafted words. These were words that demanded caution. These were words that demanded that America recognize that this is not an American victory, neither American nor a victory. These words demanded that America be humble.

The crowd in front of the White House, the NYFD firefighter on the phone — these persons were not those words. “God bless the USA,” “#winning”, “USA!” All idiotic cries of patriotism.

Yes, it is fantastic. Another mad man is gone. Retribution flows for those who lost friends and loved ones.

Yes, it is fantastic. Celebrate.

Celebrate and usher in the further demise of America. Celebrate and nurture more fodder for the rest of the world to feed on. Celebrate and await your death.

Sadistic. It sickens me that you are comforted by a man’s death. It sickens me that it makes you feel better.

Osama bin Laden has been killed by the Americans. What else will America kill?

“It is mine to avenge; I will repay.” ((Deuteronomy 32:35)) America, Americans, you are not God.

Normally I would refrain from sharing my thoughts on something as sensitive as this. You might call me un-American. You might think I was happier when bin Laden was alive. But I swear to you, it’s not like that. I’m happy to be an American, though perhaps not proud. I’m glad that a symbol of terrorism and cruelty has been rid of. But I am not glad with how we are responding.

The American response to the death of Osama bin Laden, no matter how cruel he was, disgusts me. I do not understand how so many can look to this event as a patriotic event. How can you ask for God’s blessing in this context? How can you associate this with our national anthem?

This is an historic moment. Not because bin Laden died. But because this moment will dictate the future of America. May 1st, 2011 will be the mark of American morality and morals until her dissipation. Or is this the beginning of our end?

That people are quick to see this as an American accomplishment and overlook its questionable ethics identifies the American mind and moral. I am discouraged and ashamed.