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A few days ago I decided to try out two video editing programs: Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, and Corel Videostudio pro x3. They both were obnoxious to install, and I’m inclined that it was such because of my laptop. I would open the executable files, but I’d get no response for 10+ minutes. It tested my patience; I restarted my computer six times because I wasn’t sure if the executables were being opened. It’s embarrassing because I spent 6 hours trying to install one program.

At one point, I went to the bathroom while I let the program install. It was taking forever. In the bathroom, I thought to myself, “Maybe the trials are just trashy. Maybe I should just buy the program.” Of course, that’s stupid, but if I had the bank, I would have purchased a $99 program out of frustration.

I think that’s what a lot of rich people do, and it’s really easy to see why. If you can (possibly) bypass the frustration with money, and money isn’t an issue, you’ll most likely pay up. I know I would have with the video editing program, and, beyond that, a new and faster laptop.

When you have to be resourceful with your money, you are forced to be more careful. With the video editing programs, I’m forced to test them and run them. With the laptops, I’m forced to research them and read reviews. With new clothes, I’m forced to decide whether suspenders and a new cardigan are really necessary at that time (and whether I can find them at a cheaper price without compromising the look).

Maybe you are more diligent with your income. If so, you are a rarity, and I envy you. If I ever become rich, I’d like to safeguard myself from these situations. I’d like myself to donate a greater portion of my income to charity, church, and other humanitarian services. I’ve read about living a reverse-tithing lifestyle (living off of 10% of your income, and donating the rest), and I find that very attractive. I don’t want to be a slave to money, materialism, and consumerism because if I had the bank, I’d be buying Michael Jackson memorabilia like whoa.