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Of all Christian artists, I like David Crowder Band the most. He is funky and cool. He sings about Jesus in his own style. He isn’t worship music that Evangelical churches usually use in their services. He is music. He is the type of Christian artist that I like. I’m sad that he and his band are calling it quits.

On their last album, there is a song titled “Oh My God”. Likewise, Gym Class Heroes has a track called “Oh My God“. Same titles, same words, but different meanings.

Did you know that hymnals use “O” instead of “Oh” to demonstrate a different use of the phrase, “Oh my God”? Just kidding. I made that up. I don’t know why sometimes it is printed “O” instead of “Oh”. Sometimes “O” looks cleaner, and, in traditional theology, Jesus is pretty clean. So maybe that’s why.

The point I would like to make, however, is that we can use language in the same form, but it will take different meanings. When David Crowder Band is singing “Oh my God / my God”, they are exclaiming to God. When Gym Class Heroes sings, “Oh my God”, they are exclaiming in surprise or incredulity.

Some people might say “Oh my God” is a profanity, since they might see it as taking the Lord’s name in vain (Exodus 20:7). I try to avoid it because I was brought up in that belief, and I sort of do believe that I am misusing God’s name if I say that.

So my overall point is: Think about what you say. We all can say the same words, but those words can mean very different things. This also means that I might be able to say the f-word in a very appropriate way, but another doofus might use it in an inappropriate way. Yet, even if we use those words in the way we meant to, it could mean entirely different to someone else.

So I guess I might be proposing that we never speak to each other again.