Coffee with A&F’s CEO

The recently resurrected quotes by Abercrombie’s CEO are merely the spoken Unspokens about the fashion industry. If you’re upset about the marketing strategy, then you ought to be upset at the whole industry because A&F is not an isolated incident. A&F will thrive despite the hateful comments because sex appeal wins and we are her oblivious teammates. If you want to boycott A&F, transform your mind instead–it is the only way you will ever truly protest the blatant hate: Desist from shallow thoughts and comments, rise above and rethink “sex appeal”, and begin to believe that EVERY person is beautiful.

As a heterosexual Christian male that has bought into the sex appeal industry, I especially make these appeals to my brothers for the sake of our sisters and women globally. I think we can appreciate beauty, but it quickly becomes sex appeal and lust.

“because beauty it fleets and charm: it deceives. but a real woman for the lord is the one i can keep.” – proverbs 31:30 as paraphrased by Gowe in his track “Coffee Tables” as above (0:50)

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