I Hate The Lazy Song

If you’re into the top 40 pop music scene (or if you don’t intentionally avoid pop culture in America), you probably have heard Bruno Mars’ lazy-man anthem, The Lazy Song. Everyone loves it. Well, I hate it.

I think it’s a song that validates the carefree lifestyle — even though its lyrical content actually promotes a lazy day moreso than a lazy life. I’m fine with lazy days. Maybe once every month or two. Lazy days are really depressing, though, and it should be worrisome that Bruno Mars, whether purposefully or inadvertently, has given laziness an anthem.

It’s too easy to picture the American middle schooler waking up on a Saturday morning (after somehow having an incredible night out) sprawled among the bed sheet and comforter, blindly patting around for his or her iPhone to check for any notifications, turning over and sitting in bed, playing the Lazy Song, and then proceeding to do nothing of substance for the rest of the day.

Maybe I’m being too critical and pessimistic. At the least, I think the songs lends credence to a status of stagnancy, a life in which progress is eternally deferred at our convenience for the immediate. “Oh, I didn’t finish my [assignment/duty/moral responsibility] for today. That’s okay, I’ll do it tomorrow because today I don’t feel like doing anything. Doot-da-loot, doot-da-loot.

On a positive note, the song is catchy, and Bruno Mars certainly has artistic license to make music about whatever he likes.

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  1. kyle said:

    I completely agree with you. Yes, the song is absurd. No, you are not being too critical/pessimistic. Unfortunately, though, it’s what people want to hear, and it’s obvious by the following of the song.

    Thank you for critiquing the pop culture of America — keeps at least some of us honest.

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