I am the Philosopher-King

This is a very silly post. I thought I’d share it anyway.

It was probably 3/4 of the way into my second semester of college that I started to think that I could possibly be a philosopher-king. This is, of course, an absurd idea, if only for the reason that I have no desire to govern a group of persons. This doesn’t take into account the qualifications for a philosopher-king either, of which I certainly would not qualify for or pass.

The philosopher-king (or queen) is found in The Republic of Plato. These philosopher-kings are meticulously trained in arts that include mathematics and dialectic amongst others. They are gentle, yet spirited, and are an imposing sculpture of human flesh. Perhaps the most important quality is their focus on the Idea of the Good. It brings them upward, and out of Plato’s Cave. Above all of this, they have no desire to lead or rule. They must, Plato asserts, be forced to rule.

I have no desire to rule. You would have to force me. Therefore, I am the philosopher-king.

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