I have a post in draft. I have been editing it since February. I will post it soon. I’ve been very busy with school. In the meanwhile, I have a thought to share.

Sometimes, just go for it.

That’s how things begin to click. This isn’t that huge of a revelation. My cello teacher always told me that I just have to go for the shifts; you can make a bad octave jump look good if you completely go for it. All or nothing — just like action potentials.

The only reason I post this is because I’m studying for my fourth biology exam. I went for it and spelled trypanosomes without referencing the outline twice. Now that spelling is clicked.

This, of course, could apply outside of clicking things into your mind too. If something is tugging at you, express it (to some extent. I think it would be dangerous if we expressed everything we felt.). If you are walking down the same side of the street as an oncomer, just go for it and move out of the way (unless the oncomer is on the wrong side of the street. Then he or she should move.).

Just Nike. I’m sorry, that was redundant: Nike. ((Assuming that Nike is equivalent to “Just Do It”, saying “Just Nike” is equivalent to “Just Just Do It”, which I suppose would be alright if you want to emphasize the “Just” part of the statement.))

Post Note: Don’t Nike everything. Important decisions should not be Nike’d. Deciding whether to get pineapple or bacon on your pizza should be Nike’d. Deciding whether to skip an entire day of class should not be Nike’d. Impulse is often a land mine. Avoid it.

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