Prayer with Substance

Coming back from the Intervarsity Fall Conference, one of the things I took back home with me was the practice of praying, and praying with a fervid belief in what you are saying.

I challenge those who are so inclined to pray to analyze their prayers. Do you really believe in what you are saying? Do you believe that what you pray over will come to fruition? When you pray praise, do you mean it with every fibre of your being? When you are asking for help, could you literally fall prostrate and ask for help — is your cry for help that substantial?

I’ve always prayed just to pray and say things, and that’s how I still feel about prayer — even after the conference. I want to pray as if I mean every single word I say. Imagine what a difference that could make — if it does make a difference. Believing in something is one of the hardest things we do on this Earth. ((I first heard this from a movie about Steve Prefontaine, runner extraordinaire. I’m not sure I quite understand it, but it sounds legit and good.)) Prayer is a powerful and divine activity. Belief in prayer is a belief in something powerful and divine.

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  1. Tikaniu said:

    Whoo!! Go Nate! This is an awesome blog and I’ll keep it in mind. It’s something I’ve been wondering about myself.

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