I brought this up at either lunch or dinner the other day: People don’t realize how special their teeth are.

Think about it. The only demographic that MIGHT be able to be excluded are those with their baby teeth. They still possess the opportunity for another tooth after losing their first baby tooth. Now those with adult teeth — permanent teeth — should pamper their mouths.

Brush twice a day, and, from what I’ve recently learned, 10 minutes after you’ve consumed food. ((Seven out of 10 dentists . . .)) Don’t eat too much candy, even though it is quite delectable. Take care of your teeth.

Isn’t that a really shocking thought? I’m on my last set of teeth — ever! If I lose one to disease or to a basketball from my blind side I will be without an authentic tooth for the rest of my life. I don’t believe in any of that cosmetic stuff either. If I lose a tooth, I’ll make like Michael Strahan. ((Michael Strahan, recently retired defensive end of the New York Giants had a gap between his top two incisors.))

On an aside, I’ve started reading, and I’m halfway through after two nights, ((On the first night I was 3/4 of the 1/2 way through.)) “The Shack”. It’s a theological narrative, and it’s so good. I’ll write about it after I’ve finished reading.

  1. Angie said:

    omgoodness, you are so random, yet its true…. and not everyone has the opportunity for a new tooth after loosing a baby tooth 😦 so sad

  2. RJ said:

    I like how you mention basketball and Michael Strahan with it….lol.

    Maybe it should have been a football to your blind side….? >.<

  3. simone said:

    I actually worry about that a lot! I chipped a tooth a few years ago and it worried me about losing one completely. I’ll have to protect my mouth if I get in lots of fights. >_>

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