Coffee Significance

It is a most exhilarating feeling to stay awake for most of the night, and yet still feel so energized for a greater part of the day. What work a cup — 20 ounces! — of coffee does! I didn’t wake immediately, though I was expecting too. Rather, it was like peeling open a door into a room filled with surprise; it was a gradual, but confident awakening. The coffee, this time with a substantial amount of French Vanilla creamer, kept me on my toes until maybe around 1:00 p.m.

Now, I was still awake, but my hands began to tremble. It was like Saving Private Ryan; I watched my hand shake on its own. It was like body was detached from mentality; physically I was exhausted, but mentally I was pumping calcium ions.

I don’t think I really crashed. My day ended at 2 a.m. after my roomie and I talked.

In the future, I don’t know if I’ll ever drink coffee again. The entire day I felt like I was someone else. I don’t know if caffeine does that to you, but I think it is safe for me to account my differences to coffee. It works wonders to keep me awake, but I’m not sure I like many of the other side effects.

I’d talk about how I felt I was different, but that is too much analysing for me. ((Do you like how I spelled analysing with an “s”? I absolutely love it. It’s so textbook.))

Maybe next time I just won’t get the hypercaffeniated blend.

  1. Nate said:

    this is a very weird blog.. coffee? but sure why not lol … loved the calcium ions part jaja

  2. Angie said:

    and I have no idea why that comment says Nate 😮

    • Nate said:

      It’s ’cause you were logged in as me. Jerkasaurus.

  3. Angie said:

    oh i see, and who’s fault is that! jaja .. Jerk!

  4. s'mores said:

    j’adore le cafe beaucoup.

    avoid the hypercaffeinated stuff. just get normal coffee — no espresso shots — and then you can enjoy the flavor and the heightened state of being awake with all the shaky side effects. 🙂

    • Nate said:

      I hope you realize that you will be commenting under the surname “s’mores” from now on. I think I will take your advice regarding hypercaffeinated coffee. The coffee did it’s job, though.

      • simone said:

        i see nothing wrong with commenting as s’mores. that is my name, after all. nicknames count, y’know.

        but as you can tell, i can comment as any name i want. 🙂

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