I Missed Class

I napped from 10:30 to 11:00 exactly today. My biology lecture starts at 11:00. For a couple of minutes I sat in my room thinking about what to do. I asked my roommate if he would still go to class, and he said he would. I decided I would too.

Halfway to lecture, I started to second-think myself. I feel very bad about being late to formal things. It’s not fair to the people who get to the venue early and on time. It’s also intimidating and embarassing to walk into a filled lecture hall late.

So I rerouted and headed toward the library and then to the new Qdoba. While I was walking I started to think about the repurcussions of missing a lecture. I thought about how I am old enough to decide whether I should go to class. ((It is absurd to blatantly skip a class, I think. I’m paying balls to the walls for tuition, and I want to exploit what I am offered.)) I thought about how I am human and make mistakes, but then I thought about people who never miss lecture and how it really isn’t that hard to show up for lecture. I thought about how this could be signifying a change in my attitude and work ethic, but then I thought about how I’ve recovered and learned from other mistakes.

That’s the approach I’m taking with missing this lecture. It’s my new motivation and my new fire. I want to make up for that lecture so bad. Hopefully this will be the first of my impetuses. Success, afterall, is an active entity.

  1. kate said:

    nathan, dear, i do hope you emailed my mother to tell her you weren’t going to make it to class because you had the stomach flu.

  2. Jimi said:

    I can’t wait to skip class. No, I will make it to almost every single one of my classes… Maybe. I might miss it if there is something fun going on. Like an intramural sport going on at the same time.

  3. I am all for skipping class at the right times. If you have a paper due and you need more time, go ahead. If you have another test coming up that is more important do so.

    If the professor just reads off his slides, or gets his notes from the textbook, why go to class?

    Spend the time doing what helps you the best. And often university students confuse that with going to class.

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