Liu Xiang is Out

I abruptly found out that Liu Xiang pulled out of the qualifying round for the 110m hurdles. Apparently he is nursing a very painful hamstring injury. He tried to race the qualifying round, but a false start proved too much for his leg. ((I think he would raced an average race if the false start hadn’t occured. But then I’m not sure if he would have been hot in the semifinals.))

The Olympics are pretty much shot for me now. I wanted to see Xiang, Trammell, and Robles race this Friday. ((Trammell pulled out of the games too because of a hamstring problem as well.)) Robles is the clear favorite now.

China put an awful amount of pressure on Xiang. Xiang is so relaxed though. I’m almost positive he didn’t let the pressure build up on him at Beijing.

It’s really too bad for the sport of hurdling. This Olympic race would have been great competition. Hopefully all three of these guys will make it to the London games in 2012, and perhaps before then too.

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  1. Erin said:

    I saw that on TV. They talked about how everyone was so excited to see him race, and now obviously everyone is clearly pretty heartbroken. He looked like he was really hurting though. They showed him practicing on two hurdles, and after he jumped one, he walked away without attempting the other, clearly in pain. I guess it’s better that he didn’t race because he might have done some more serious damage, which could potentially jeopardize his running career. Then everyone would really be sad. D: So best wishes for him and hopefully he’ll still be good enough in four years for the next summer Olympics!

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