Good, then Goodbye

Today I was with Alison and Collier. Collier and I did some very quick shopping; you could actually call it scanning since we really just scanned the shops for any goods. Most of the total purchase was made at Target. Target is a great store — really. I love it.

After shopping we stopped in at BW3s for dinner. It was my first time and I was very pleased. I ate buffalo wings in spicy garlic sauce and blazin’ sauce. Blazin’ is the hottest sauce they have, and I was satisfied with the spice level. Spicy food is an addiction. It’s like my tongue is telling me it can’t handle it, but I won’t listen to my tongue. Adapt. You’re my tongue. My tongue is not a wimp.

Perhaps the best thing at BW3s is their trivia game. You compete with whoever joins in, and you simply answer a number of trivia questions within a time limit. You then earn points based on how much time it took you to answer correctly. I won the match right before we left. Collier pulled off a last-question victory over me during the first match. It came out of nowhere, and he is proud. I would be. It was like the Giants over the Patriots. Tantalizing.

Collier and I then played Brawl at his crib. I learned a lot because previously I had only used down-B as my primary attack. I had no idea what everything else did. At the conclusion of gaming, I said goodbye to Collier. It was probably the last time I’d see him before he moved out to college. One of my other good friends is moving this Sunday.

It’s surreal that all of this is happening. Most of my friends are staying in town, so there won’t be any real dramatic or sappy goodbyes — not that I plan on making my goodbyes that way.

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